Let's Catch Up!

Hello old friends!

It's been awhile, hasn't it?! Life has been quite the whirlwind since Sadie baby arrived. It's a glorious whirlwind but crazy, nonetheless. Here are few things I'm loving these days...

Warby Parker!

My mom and sister both just got glasses from WP and my bestie ABD is trying out some styles as we speak. I don't know that I'm in the market for new specs, but I can always use new sunnies! And how perfect are the newest Warby Parker sunglasses?

Target Shorts

I know, I know, most of you are still digging out from this epic winter but here in FL, shorts are an unfortunate necessity and these gems from Target are too good to pass up. Great length, comfy fit and the right price. 

Sadie Girl 

I mean, I can't talk my favorites without this 5.5 month old, chunky legged, teething, ball of joy! She has graduated to the high chair and looks about 5 minutes away from graduating high school if you ask me. 



Pineapples and Pickles said...

Sadie looks like such a big girl sitting in that high chair!