Baby Shower #3 (last one I swear!)

I had my last baby shower just about a month ago and not a moment too soon given that it was a bit of a drive.  This shower was in Thomasville, GA near Tallahassee and was thrown by my aunts, my cousin, and my sister (aka, SB's namesake) and it was SO fun! There were so many adorable touches adorning my aunt's fabulous home and a weekend relaxing with the fam was just what the doctor ordered.

How cute is the onesie, hat, diaper cover garland?! 

SO thankful my mom's sister and my cousin DKK from AL could make it. See also, I was OBSESSED with my beaufort bonnet company sash!

I hate shower games but this was a really cute game/activity. There were tiny babies frozen in ice cubes in water and you had to keep an eye on your "baby" and the first person who's ice cube melted had to shout "my water broke!" The winner: my cousin's 78 year old grandmother. Priceless.