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One of the things I love to do is read. I go through dry spells where I have nothing to read or don't have the time but when I get my hands on good books, I'm ravenous for them. My husband will routinely give me the side eye and be like "slow down, it's not going anywhere." He's the type of reader who remembers EVERYTHING he reads, which is great. I don't always, because I'm often catching a few minutes here and there and I'm a fast reader. But that's neither here nor there...

Now on to my recent reads.

Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld

This is by it's own subtitle, "a modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice," which could really go any which way given how beloved Austen's original is. I loved this book--the retelling of P&P is  modern but also very true to the original. You know who each character is (many of them share the same names) and I can visualize scenes from Pride and Prejudice as Sittenfeld retells them in modern day Cincinnati. I highly recommend it. Also, it's a quick read. I finished it within the week.

Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

Ok, so I finally read this book after so. much. hype. I hate that, because I rarely feel like books live up to that hype and unfortunately I felt the same about this one. Don't get me wrong, I devoured it. Like read it in 3 days. The way it's written makes it quite the page turner and I genuinely cared about the fates of some of the characters but it was darker than I expected and when I was done I just wasn't as excited about it as everyone else seemed to be. I am wanting to read another of Moriarty's books to see how I feel about a different one. I know a lot of people have read all of her books--is there one you loved best?!

Mr. Churchill's Secretary by Susan Ella Macneal

This is the first in a series of mystery/spy novels set during WWII. I loved this book. Totally in my wheelhouse--mystery & historical fiction, winning x2. Maggie Hope is the main character (who presumably continues her adventures in the subsequent series' titles.) and she is an American raised, English born woman in her twenties living in London during the start of WWII. She ends up with a job in the Prime Minister's office and gets embroiled in some espionage. As a result in this book she makes a career shift to spy work. It was a great read--fast paced, again, likable characters, and a couple of good twists. I've already reserved the sequel, Princess Elizabeth's Spy at the library and plan to dive in soon.

If you love podcasts, like me, I highly recommend "What Should I Read Next." It's a podcast by Anne Bogel, blogger at Modern Mrs. Darcy. She interviews people and asks for 3 books they love, 1 book they hate, and what they've been reading lately. And then based on their answers she provides them with 3 recommendations. It's delightful to hear people talk about books and why they love them and I always pick up on a couple of titles I would not otherwise have heard of. I also think about what my answers would be if I were on the show...

Next up on my "to read" list...

Mama Always Put Vodka in the Sangria! by Julia Reed.

I can't say enough about how much I love Julia Reed--she is one of my most favorite authors and she is funny and Southern and brilliant and I want to be her when I grow up. Her memoirs/essays are always entertaining and remind me of what's best about my own Southern heritage.


Funny Bunny

We are loving this sweet, new Easter tradition at our house!  The Funny Bunny is a lot like your favorite Christmas elf who keeps an eye on behavior in preparation for the Easter Bunny's visit.

There's a great book that teaches the kiddos all about the Funny Bunny and his job and the bunny leaves little notes and surprises for your little ones. I love the idea of using the Funny Bunny to encourage good habits, gently remind them of things they should or shouldn't be doing, and incorporating scripture to keep the focus on the true meaning of Easter! So many great options for your family.

Today our Funny Bunny brought some confetti eggs and they were a hit to say to the least!


To get your own Funny Bunny, visit The Primrose Shop at 2804 Corrine Drive Orlando, FL 32803 or call 407-447-4621


DIY: Gold treat jar

So we have dived into the world of pull-ups and m&ms over here...that's right, potty-training. #holdme

Also, do not be impressed by this. I don't want to do it. It's hard and it's sad and everything Sadie does these days makes me certain that training bras are around the corner. BUT, she is interested in the bathroom and likes telling us exactly when she goes and what she's done, so common sense would tell me this is our next right step. (Also can anyone chime in on whether or not to get the little kid potty vs using the adult version?)

So yesterday when I ventured to Target to buy said pull-ups and m&ms, I thought to myself, I will also buy a cute jar to put the m&ms in. Then as I tidied up the kitchen before heading out I realized we had an empty pickle jar and I thought, I can make a jar! And if you are (blessedly) not potty training, you can use this for candy, dog treats, etc. Happy DIY-ing.

Glue a ping pong ball or any fun item on top of the jar and remove the label from the jar (mr. clean magic eraser, works wonders!)

Spray paint the lid, what else? GOLD.

Add your special touch to the jar using an oil based paint pen. 


Custom Calligrapy: Amy's Evolving Closet

So excited to share with you a custom project I did for Amy's Evolving Closet.  Amy and I met at Lilly Pulitzer's birthday party several years ago and she reached out to me recently for a calligraphy inspired logo for her thrifting and consignment business.  Amy sources high quality secondhand clothing that she sells to personal clients and puts on her instagram account for her evening flash sales. Amy is a doll and one of my favorite things about her business (I'm definitely a customer), is that 100% of her profits go toward funding her family's adoption of their son from Burundi. (This was the inspiration for the africa outline in her logo.) Amy used her logo on her social media sites and got a stamp to use for stationery and packaging.

If you're interested in custom calligraphy, email me:


Sadie's 2nd Flamingle!

Someway, somehow, I am now the mother of a 2 year-old. For the love. She is so fiery and fun I can barely stand it!

We threw the pinkest, most flamingle-y party we could this past weekend and had tons of fun with SO very many of our favorites tucked into our not very large house. It was a hoot!

There were a few details that you can recreate...

Photo Booth

Cake Topper

Sadie's Skirt


Friday Favorite: Baltimore

So much love for this place and so excited to show my Mr. around for a few days...Charm City here we come! We plan on taking in some baseball, eating allll the seafood and enjoying snowballs every night. Should be a fun trip! (Be sure to follow along on instagram.)


When I act like a 2 year old.

I don't want to over spiritualize parenting, but one of the neatest things about it, to be honest, is getting to see the slightest glimpse of how God loves his children. The idea that as much as I love Sadie, God loves me 1000x more is mind blowing to me.

As we approach 2, Sadie and I have approximately 37 standoffs each week. Always quickly followed by lots of kisses naturally, but we have this same, 'I love you, but please don't tell me what to do ' attitude towards life. (come to think of it, I should probably stop saying this to my husband when she's around). In a lot of these confrontations, I see how often we go toe to toe with God and backpedal when we realize we are in over our heads.

The first time I saw this was when Sadie was about a year old. She just started walking and always wanted to step off the sidewalk at our condo BY HERSELF. I always offered a hand to hold and she shooed it away every time. She would wiggle and stammer until she was juuuust about ready to step off, always lurching for my hand at the last minute. I do this with God all the time.  When things are good and fine or when I'm determined to accomplish something, my attitude is 'I got it.' But then when I falter or become unsure, I'm grasping for His hand and His help.

I taught Sadie to say 'help!' when she starts getting frustrated trying to do something on her own. She says it more like 'hey-lp,' much to my southern delight.  Lately she likes to test the boundaries of what is safe. Ahh the baby doll stroller....putting my feet on the top of wheels seems like a good idea. Mom and Dad's, big fluffy white bed, I will stand on it and jump around. I spend a lot of time saying things like 'that's not safe' or 'let's make a different choice'--often to no avail. The poor choice is made and the aftermath is a resounding 'hey-lp,' or sometimes tears. How true this is of me again. God is there in the midst of our decision making whether we invite Him or not. His voice may say, 'make another choice' or 'that's not safe' and in the end we are crying for help.

I'm so glad to serve a God who is there to lend a hand and doesn't hold it against me when I call for help after the fact. I want to do more things with Him from the start, I want to stop struggling to do it all myself. I want to be the person I'm training up my daughter to be. I think God knows that and I love that He is using her to train me up too.

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