Wedding Wednesday: Showers and Updates!

We have 120 days until Wedding Day and I can't believe it...for some reason it seems SO close!  There's lots to do as you can probably imagine.

This Sunday is my first shower and I could not be more excited, I keep saying that I can't believe I'm going to a shower and it's going to be for me!

In two weeks, LAS' mom and sisters are throwing me another shower and the invitations came in the mail this week! They are super cute with their recipe card motif...LAS' mom requested everyone bring a recipe for me and I'm so excited, because I know those ladies will have some yummy dishes to share!

I'm sure I'll have lots of fun shower pictures to share next Wednesday!

Updates: All our invitations are printed, cut and waiting to be put together; My bridesmaids' gifts are coming right along; ABQ designed and printed our wedding thank yous and I'm obsessed--think LAS and EHK drawn in our fancy wedding day duds with a cameo from Stella; DIY projects still going on, including moss letters, burlap runners and signs for various wedding things



Preppy Girl Meets World said...

Cute invitations! Have fun. Also, I love the new blog name!