Study Basket!

LAS is taking part 1 of the CPA exam Friday so last week I put together a little study basket to get him through his last week of preparation! I included some of his favorite snacks and my favorite addition has to be the silly putty...I figured it was like one of those stress balls only more fun!

Good luck to LAS, I know he is going to do a great job!! But I know we would appreciate your prayers and well wishes just the same!



Tiffany said...

Love this idea - very cute!

Unknown said...

Best of luck! My husband is finishing up his accounting certificate so he can sit for the CPA. We've got a fun year of studying and study baskets ahead of us! Wishing LAS the very best.

Miss Sweet Tea said...

If he's using Becker study tools, he is sure to pass! Hahaha, I just say that because I work for them :) Good luck to LAS! That was super sweet of you to do this cute basket for him! I love it!

CBK said...

you are SO sweet to do that! if only you had a sibling of some sort in college that could benefit from a finals-week-stress-reliever-or-life-in-general-aid-basket...that'd be the jam!