Weekend Recap

Went to Tallahassee this weekend to visit my sister and attend the FSU game.  It was a great weekend!  The Noles won and it was defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews' last home game.  There was a really nice ceremony before the game and Dad went out on the field along with some other of Coach Andrews' former players and it was fun to see him out there.  After the game, we grabbed dinner with the g-parents and my aunt, uncle and cousin who was home from school for Thanksgiving.  Obligatory pic:

Love how sis and I are pulling the hand on hip to avoid having the fat arm...classic.

My interview from Friday was rescheduled so I'll keep ya posted on that after it happens next week!

Looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with mine and LAS' families and scoring a black friday deal or two...What are your plans friends??




Blackeyed Susan said...

HAHA I do the fat arm thing too!!

Emily said...

Go Noles! I miss being in Tallahassee for games. Now the fiance sings (or maybe screams) the fight song loudly alone in our living room while our neighbors in Virginia surely think we're crazy! I always have the hand on hip to avoid any arm fat in pictures!