Back in Action

Hello friends,

Contrary to popular belief, I am alive and well. Things have been crazy around here lately. Between Stella's arrival and Graduation, I'm one tired girl. Here's a recap of what's been happening.

You've seen Stella and know she came last Wednesday--she is such a joy and I love her more everyday. She had her first vet visit on Friday and she was a trooper.

Saturday night, mom, coco and I went to the Carrie Underwood concert and it was fantastic!! Little Big Town opened and they were so awesome. Carrie was a great performer and I enjoyed getting to know LBT a little better since I didn't know much about them before.

Sunday the grandparents arrived and the bf came to see his new child (aka Stella). We had a nice family dinner and went around looking at Christmas lights.

Monday was the big day!! Graduation was great. Some people don't walk and I just don't know why, it was really exciting and I'm not sure it would have felt real if I hadn't walked across that stage ( I'm still not sure its completely sunk in yet either though).

Its back to work this week. I'm so looking forward to Christmas and all the festivities leading up to it! I think some baking will be in order this week--I'm also working on an awesome project with my former internship employer, that provides bikes to underprivileged kids for Christmas. The first event in Thursday, I'll be sure and let you know all about it.



Landlocked Mermaid said...

Congratulations!!! Enjoy the new found freedom xo