making things happen

Today I worked a PR event in conjuction with my internship that ended a few weeks ago. Patty Sheehan, one of the city comissioners gives bikes away to underprivileged kids at Christmas. There is a housing project in her district and school attendance from the kids there was very low. Come to find out they couldn't get to school so the names of kids in that community are compiled and bikes are given to the kids each year so they can get to school (the lists are rotated so that the kids get a new bike about every other year, perfect since they are all growing up so fast). This is the 7th year and the project is a great success.

Today was the bike build. We take the bikes to a local fire station and firefighters assemble all the bikes. My job was to follow up with media to see who was coming out to cover the event as its a feel good holiday event the newsies are interested in this time of year. Lo and behold, we got 2 TV stations!! I was so excited. It's so fun to see a project come together and be successful. We got some of our sponsors on camera interviewing with the reporters and lots of footage of the firefighters building away and I got to be part of making that happen! Next Tuesday is the day we actually give away the bikes so I'll be sure and let you know how it goes.

Hooray for a good day--hope your Thursdays were fabulous :)



katie lake said...

That great feeling of seeing your projects come to life never gets old! I have been working in PR for over two years now and I still get giggly when I see my hardwork in a solid form. It is so motivating!

Alyson said...

yep... us newsies love those feel good stories. they're our "kickers" at the end of a show - to bring you up after all the bad news brings you down lol