Summer Activity List

Summer is in full swing so I'm sharing a list of our favorite summer activities on the blog. I hope this inspires you to fill your summer days with fun and is something you can refer to and add to all season long.

Library (checking out books and movies, storytimes, and clubs--just discovered our library has a chess club!)
Slip n' slide
Pool picnic
Chalking the driveway
Baking (box mixes or scratch--your kids will love it either way)
Painting with watercolors
Nature walk (walk the neighborhood and looking for leaves, worms, etc.)
Build a fort and watch a movie
Science center/children's museum
Mall (this doesn't have to be expensive--spring for a kids soda or ice water and just walk and window shop)
Cosmic kids yoga
Journaling (click over to my instagram and see the journals we made)