Creating Your Summer Schedule

Y'all. Here's the thing: I have never loved summer. Even as a kid, I had a low level anxiety about how we would fill our time without the structure and boundaries that school created. And that still exists as an adult and even more so now that I am a parent. And I've decided this year as we close the books on another year of preschool that I'm going to try and implement a flexible summer schedule to lead us through our days. I have a lot of friends who have already clicked out of this piece because they love summer and throwing the schedule out the window and that is fine. I wish I were more like them but I am not, so I have to put things in place to keep me sane.  Now of course there will be beach days and days this goes completely out the window but I am excited to fall back on it as much as I need to.

So here is how we are divvying up our days this summer:

Journaling/art time
Outside time or errands/activity ( This might include playing in the yard, going to library or science center or running necessary errands.)
Rest time/ naptime
TV time (no shame in my TV game)

This is obviously not rocket science. But there is power in having it written out and posted somewhere I can see. It shines light on how we will spend our day. I also have a running list of activities that my kids love so I can refer to those when I am stuck on how to fill that mid morning "activity" block. Come back next week to see what some of those are.

Do you love summer or loathe it? (Click here to listen to an episode of my podcast with my sister about our differing views about summer)