This is Motherhood, Vol. 2

I know you've been waiting with baited breath on my next installment (ha!) of this "series" that I started almost one month ago, but you is busy.

I've been jotting down funny mom happenings but yesterday my husband said something so profound that I knew I had to write it all down before I forgot.

After a particularly hard day yesterday--little sleep, sick baby, etc.--my husband came home and volunteered to whisk the babe outside for a long walk. Bless him. He was chatting with Sadie while they got ready and the following conversation ensued.

Luke: Sadie, we are going to give your mom 30 minutes of bliss, which currently means time away from you.
Me: That makes me sound terrible!
Luke: Honey, I was just joking, besides no one can eat chocolate cake all the time.

Mind. Blown. I mean is that not the best description of motherhood you've ever heard? It's this intense, all consuming love that makes you miss your kids as soon as you put them to sleep until it's too much and then you need a break in the worst way.  I don't know about you but I'm am often overwhelmed by motherhood and then I immediately feel bad about it. I know people who have lost children, who want children and whose children face far greater challenges than mine do.  So isn't it a relief to look at mommy overload as maybe just too much of a good thing?

I promise my next post will be about food or shoes or something.


melissa said...

Excellent perspective! Your husband is a smart guy. Everyone (particularly moms, I'd say!)needs a little time for themselves once in a while. Preferably with chocolate cake! :)

Liz | Ellie and Addie said...

Mommy overload is no joke! I think you said it perfectly about being overwhelmed and then immediately feeling guilty about it. Life with a 3.5 month old isn't easy and I'm learning to take it one day at a time.