Swoon-Worthy Friday: Beach Getaway and Sombrilla

Tomorrow, I'm scooting out of town for a few days at the beach! After our whirlwind Atlanta trip, I'm more than ready for a few days of R & R.  If there was one purchase I could make for this weekend, it would be the Sombrilla from Hollie and Harrie.

How great is this? Such a chic alternative to the beach umbrella with more options for coverage! If LAS and I ever move back to the beach, I may have to invest one of these!

happy weekend!


Imjustagirl said...

Love this but think it is really expensive... :(

SSC said...

I'm in love with that print too! Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

What a cute little travel cabana! I've never seen anything like that before. Great find :)

Anonymous said...

How cool! (literally and figuratively, ha!) We have a pop up beach canopy but it isn't anywhere near as beautiful and trendy as that! :-)