Wedding Wednesday: Moss Letter DIY

Happy Wedding Wednesday--there are officially 23 days until our wedding!! AHHH! I can't believe it is so soon,  it seemed like we would never get to this point.  I also can't believe I'm finally sharing this DIY project with you...I've been waiting until we got closer to the wedding as I didn't want the letter to "wear out" before the big day.

So far I've only done the L, I'll do a B as well and hang them both on the church doors with ribbon and then transfer them to the reception site.  Making the L was incredibly easy and I documented all the steps for you guys! As I finished I sprayed the whole letter with some hairspray (Sebastian--only the good stuff right?!) to "set" it.  I think these are great for a wedding or even for the front door of your home! So get crafting!

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Confessions of a Northern Belle said...

That looks so easy!!! My friend had her florist make hers and I bet it cost a heck of a lot more than it would've if she did it herself haha.

Annie said...

Gorgeous! I think they make for such pretty pictures on the church doors!

Unknown said...

I made one for our wedding two years ago ... we also did a butterfly release, so I added a few silk butterflies. It is now hanging (without butterflies) in our game room. LOVE it! I'm sure yours will be GORGEOUS!

SouthernBelleJM said...

Oooh that looks great! I might try to do this for our wedding.