Wedding Wednesday!

108 days 'til the wedding! Woo Hoo! The past couple of weeks have been super exciting:
  • My dress is in! I'm going to try it on this weekend and I'm so excited!
  • My 3rd pair of shoes came in nice and clean! 
  • Wedding rings are purchased!
  • The bridesmaid dresses are here! They are even lovelier than I imagined and am so excited for the girls .  A sneak peek:
Everything is in full swing and I have shower #2 on Sunday--can't wait!!


Annie said...

Gorgeous bridesmaids dress and so glad everything is coming together well! :)

Tiffany said...

Ooh, love the bridesmaid dresses! So cute and *gasp* they could actually be worn again. :)

Just Dandy Blog said...

I love that dress, I am going to be a bridesmaid in a friends wedding on Feb also, and she choose the same dress! I that color midnight? If so, that is what she choose too!
Too funny!
Just Dandy

Pink Champagne said...

Your dress is here, your dress is here, your dress is HERE!!! Squeee!

Betsy | Heavens to Betsy said...

Thanks Annie and Tiffany!

Dandy: Can you believe that?! They are midnight, so you and my girls will be sporting the same fabulous frock!

Pink Champagne: I can hardly believe it's here, can't wait to put it on!!

MichBilyeu said...

BEAUTIFUL bridesmaid dresses!!! Great choice!

the clark family. said...

I LOVE the color!! Coincidentally, I put my girls in the same color :)

Have so, so, SO much fun trying on YOUR dress. It's so fun when it's not the sample dress, but your actual dress. LOVE! xx