Wedding Wednesday: Updates!

129 Days until Wedding Day!

Because I'm a crazy person and did massive amounts of planning right after we got engaged the second half of summer and early fall resulted in a bit of a wedding planning lull, because quite honestly, there just wasn't that much to do. But it's now time to get back into full swing!  Here's what I've been working on:
  • My sweet future MIL is stitching our table runners and I got our first batch back from her and they're perfect! I bought a 20 yard bolt of fabric for the rest last weekend, hoping that will be enough for the rest!
  • ABQ is printing our invitations as I type and I could not be more in love with our invitations if I tried....seriously, her work is beyond!
  • We met with our florist last week to finalize the flowers and arrangements for the reception.  I love our florist--she totally gets me and my vision and that makes everything easy peasy.
  • I shared a photo of my shoes here.  And the first pair came in with some spotting, not huge stains but come on, they are my wedding shoes, so they need to be perfectly clean.  The second pair came in and the same thing happened!! I'm giving Nina Shoes, one last shot because I really love the shoe and they aren't expensive and they're a good height and I really want them to Nina Shoes, if you are reading, send a flawless pair of these my way OK?
  • Next up....DIY Moss Letters, ordering my veil, and having monogrammed sashes made for my flower girls!
Happy Wednesday!



WorthyStyle said...

Good luck! What a busy time!!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Sounds like you're making some progress! Your invites are going to be amazing.. can't wait to see them!

Kim @ said...

Love the shoes! Just wore a similar pair in my sisters wedding. I hope third time is a charm for a spot free pair.