Swoon-Worthy Friday via The Neo-Traditionalist

There's always a lot to swoon over on Katie Armour's blog, The Neo-Traditionalist.  It's become one of my favorite reads and yesterday I stumbled along something that literally made me swoon.  Katie posted photos of Alessandra Branca's Chicago Atelier and the rooms are to. die. for. fabulous.  Take a look for yourself.  (original images via traditional home)

Happy Friday!  LAS has an interview tomorrow morning, so we'd love your prayers, good wishes and fairy dust!  Sunday we are capping off the weekend at a family friend's wedding on 10.10.10 no less! 

Hope your weekend is spectacular!



Anonymous said...

Wow- very chic!!! Sending you best wishes and fairy dust as always! xx

the NEO-traditionalist said...

Just stumbled across this and am so touched!! Thank you for reading my little blog. Yours is equally lovely : )

xx Katie

Betsy | Heavens to Betsy said...

Thanks Candy!

Katie, you are TOO sweet! I so appreciate your kind comment! xoxo