Thursday Hodge Podge

  • Last week Stella turned 2...yes, she's my dog, not my child, but I can't believe she's 2 already!  Such a sweet little dog with SO much personality:

  • Take a look at my almost niece in (part of) her birthday present, too cute!
  • I made the pumpkin brownies Tuesday night! I haven't really had much of them I'll admit, but my tasting bite was pretty delish if I do say so.  I'm taking some to ABQ and her Mr. tomorrow so we'll see what they think!

  • I'd like the following books ASAP please.  If you know a book fairy, direct her my way.  True Prep, PS I Made This, Mini Shopoholic, Creative Inc., (clearly...I'm very deep.)  
  • My first bridal shower is a mere four weeks away--how exciting is that?!?
Happy Thursday!



AMS said...

Those brownies sound delish! Let me know how the final verdict turns out, although they look awesome. :)

Angela's Blog said...

Those brownies do sound good!! I personally have never heard of a pumpkin brounie so thats something new to try. I aslo love the picture of Stella!! What a sweetheart, the look on her face makes your heart melt!!

Gracie Beth said...

That is one cute dog!

Melayne Marchese said...

Happy Birthday, Stella!!!!
What a cutie....I have a 5 year old brown dachie and a 6 month old long hair that looks so much like Stella...just with longhair!! Stella and Lola would be quiet a pair!!! Look for Lola's pic on my blog!!!

Miss Monogram said...

Thanks girls! The brownies were super good (ABQ and her hubby confirmed!). And thanks for the sweet comments about Stella Angela, Gracie Beth, & Melayne :)

Angela's Blog said...

Your welcome! I am glad your pumkin brownie's went over so well!