Personalized Engagement Gifts

Earlier this week, LAS' sister LKS asked me to help her find a special engagement gift for one of her best friends.  Always up for a gift-ing challenge (little known fact about EHK: Must have THE best gift at any shower or party I attend...I know.  A little psycho.), I immediately got to work scouring the internet for the latest and greatest.  Since I accumulated a nice little collection I though it would be a great post for those of you looking for engagement or wedding gifts.

1. Ring Dish from Say Your Piece via Etsy.  A whopping $10!! Hello budget friendly.  And there is the option to option I would indulge in of course, but its cute without too and at $10 can't. be. beat.

2. I've featured a sign similar to this before, that I gave to BFF Ashley Brooke at one of her showers.  This one is from Nestlings via Etsy and I just love how special it is and what a great reminder that marriages create new familes :)

3. While I personally don't think you should wear/use things with your new monogram prior to the wedding, I think a robe like this with Future Mrs. Smith on the breast pocket would be a cute gift for certain brides.

4. Another gift I've personally given to a special engaged couple.  This image does not do the frame justice.  Marye Kelley Decoupage creates the most beautiful decoupage frames, coasters, wastebaskets, etc.  We sell their items in the boutique I work at and they are gorgeous!  They are completely customizable so while I love the Happily Ever After, there is also "From This Day Forward" and you could even put the couple's names, last name or married monogram.  And there are TONS of patterns to choose from!

If you ever need gift suggestions, feel free to email me :)



Imjustagirl said...

I always give a ring holder to a newly engaged friend! They make the best gifts. Also Dogeared has a great new idea too

Sweet Simplicity said...

I love this! That ring bowl is adorable and the price can't be beat!

Dweller-Carly said...

Just yesterday I was on ... they've got these great posters that you can personalize. I think it would be a great idea if their honeymoon location was an option!

mmmelissa said...

What great ideas! I'm pretty sure we are giving number 2 to Jeremy's sister for her wedding! It's just too cute and personal to pass up!

fink1434 said...

Hey its really helpful, I have bookmarked this page and will definitely go through this when i have to give a special eengagement gift.