Molly Mutt

Many of you may have gotten the same Daily Candy email yesterday that contained a link to Molly Mutt.  I hopped on over to their website and fell in love with their adorable dog duvets.  The idea is that you can fill the duvets with things from your home and there is less waste produced from making an entire bed versus just the outside.  (I would probably try and find a pillow form the same size as the duvet, but shh! don't tell!)

This bed is my favorite, but sadly on the website it is only available in the largest size--much too large for Miss Stella!
Here's a shot of how you can stuff the bed with things you have on hand!  I will certainly consider getting a Molly Mutt duvet for my next dog bed purchase, which could be coming up soon as Stella definitely need some new digs!


***Edited to add:  If you are interested in getting a Molly Mutt duvet enjoy 25% off from Daily Candy with the code MMDC25 


Sweet Simplicity said...

I LOVE that color and print! Perhaps, Nuts needs a new bed...

Meg said...

That is awesome! I have two dogs, a chihuahua who it obviously wont fit for but it will for Saint.

Thanks for posting this!

golly molly said...

thank you so much for this post! i canNOT say thank you enough!