Jack Frost

This morning I am trying to stay warm by sipping coffee from my Ashley Brooke Designs mug.  Tomorrow I will be on my way to Atlanta for market--it's one of my VERY favorite trips to take even though I'll be completely exhausted when I get back.  I've been to several markets in January and never has it been as cold as it will be come this weekend:

This presents a challenge for this native Floridian who's cold weather repertoire leaves much to be desired.  After putting together some outfits to wear, I realize shoes are my number 1 obstacle.  They need to be two things: warm and comfortable (I mean 12 hours on your feet is no small task).  Want to wager a guess as to how many of my shoes qualify for this??  Pretty much left me with riding boots and wellies.  The boots will definitely be used to the zenith of their potential and I decided I need a comfy flat to round out my looks for the weekend.  Enter endless and these gems from Puma:

Part sneaker, part ballet flat--cute right??  I'm hoping they fit and prove to be as comfortable as I think they will be!



Posh Peach said...

I can't believe how cold it's been! I've been creatively trying to put together warm outfits with my FL clothes :) Have fun at Mart! I've always wanted to go. Stay warm!

Sweet Simplicity said...

I want a coffee mug!! SO CUTE! Those shoes look comfy and cute. You will have to do a review on them if you purchase them.

TLF said...

Love those shoes!

Ky said...

Jealous of the mug... Have a blast at market while I am holdin' down the fort at the shop :) expect lots of phone calls lol love you

melissa said...

Yes, it is quite 'frosty' here in Florida. I am loving it though :)
Have a great time in Atlanta!

JMK said...

I think I saw those exact Puma flats at my TJMAXX! Cute and Comfy!