The Week in Review

Pretzel Hugs: Courtesy of the sparkly Queen Bee Swain--place Hershey's hugs on top of round pretzels and put in oven at 250 degrees until hugs melt.  Put M&Ms on top and press down.  Put in the freezer until hardened.  DYING to make these before Christmas :)

Felt Bow Pin:  Twig and Thistle is featuring fun holiday crafts with felt--this bow reminds me of the bows Kate Spade is using on shoes and jewelry.

Cross Stitch Pin: I love this handmade pin from Treefox via Etsy.  Clearly I have a thing for pins today...

Life Size Calendar: via Design Sponge.  I'm thinking this could get a little dusty but what an impact in a study or home office!

Happy Weekend--only one week 'til Christmas!!


In This Wonderful Life said...

I LOVE the pretzel hugs!! I think I need that calendar!