Ame and Lulu Card Case

Hello friends...Happy Tuesday!

The delightful Ame and Lulu sent over an adorable card case for me to try out and share my thoughts with all of you! Well I LOVED this case, plain and simple. I usually carry a pretty large Hobo wallet, which I love, but sometimes you just want to pair down and carry something less bulky, or you want to use a clutch or handbag that won't accommodate your typical wallet. Either way this case is great. It's super cute! Love all the fabric options Ame and Lulu offer. And it's perfectly sized so that cards can be easily stored and removed from the case.

These girls make LOTS of cute things other than card cases so wander on over to their website and check out all of their lovely accessories.



Blackeyed Susan said...

Very cute! I love the new header also!

Anonymous said...

I love that!! so handy!

The Mothership Abroad said...

Super cute pattern!

Prissy Southern Prep said...

adorable! i have several j crew ones, but that one is pretty cute!

it is everlasting said...

Love it! We recently stopped using credit cards and now my big BR wallet just looks silly with only a debit card and driver's license. Perhaps one of these is in my future!