A Favorite Wedding Gift

Yesterday my IRL bff Ashley from Ashley Brooke Designs had her first bridal shower! It was a great time and she LOTS of lovely gifts. I wanted to share the gift I took because I think its super sweet and it's a great idea to pass along to you all for a shower or wedding gift. I thought it was a sweet way to acknowledge that two of my best friends are not just getting married, they're creating a brand new family:

I purchased this from Bosheree on Etsy. It's very affordable and you can choose from TONS of different colors and styles and finishes. So you can really create something personal that is totally unique!

Stay tuned for a later post--a product review regarding the delightful Ame and Lulu!



Confessions of a Northern Belle said...

I am SO jealous... I wish I could register for things on Etsy because I want a sign like that sooooo bad. And I want one of those plates I keep saying that says our names on it and has a cute little picture of a bride and groom/house/hearts/etc.

Ashley Brooke Designs said...

You are the best! This gift was unbelieveably sweet! Thank you!

southern girl said...

Such a a great gift! I am headed over to Etsy now!

ams said...

what a cute idea!!! i love it!

Anonymous said...

what a cute idea!! I love it! = )

Nikki Cogg said...

CUTE I love this!! I am going to get one for my Aunt for sure. Thanks for sharing!