Real Simple Spaces

Real Simple is by far one of my favorites magazines! I recently got a subscription thanks to a great deal Hopsy shared with us earlier in the summer. The September issue arrived (despite the fact that I had already purchased it at Target, thinking the subscription wouldn't kick in quite yet) and there is an article that blew my mind. I am a sucker for a great before and after and these three are no exception. Three underused closets become an office, a bar and (my favorite) a library! My dream home will have a gorgeous library with floor to ceiling shelves and comfy chairs. This article thrills me because it shows I don't have to wait for the dream house but could create my own library even in a very small space! Enjoy the eye candy :) (sorry for the poor iphone quality pics--couldn't work the scanner this morning and the Sept. issue is not online yet!)



Happiness Is... said...

All of those are cool, but the library is by far the best! :)

It's so true that you can have a library in a smaller house...just add shelves!

Melissa said...

I love Real Simple also! Thanks to Hopsy, I got a subscription for my mom for her birthday, it was such a good deal!

Beth Dunn said...

I love that magazine too

Nikki Cogg said...

I have been a Real Simple reader for years!! I just love it :) I have my September issue as well and I haven't had the chance to get all the way through it yet- I look forward to this article!

Anonymous said...

I love that!! I could totally use the "office" setup! thanks = )