Today's Deals and Steals (and one FAIL)

Today has been super productive so far. The fact that Sella woke me up really early today is totally paying off. I have exercised, run numerous errands and met my man for lunch! Here are the deals, steals and one FAIL.

Deals and Steals:
  • Saved over $2 on Stella's dog food by using my rewards card at PetSmart
  • Saved $6.50 on my Aveeno moisturizer by leaving Ulta and going to get it at Target where I found the Target brand version of said moisturizer.

  • Took 3 bags of clothes to Plato's Closet to sell and they did not take ONE thing. Not one. Which I find ridiculous becuase at my Plato's Closet (yours may be different), I would not buy hardly any of the clothes in there, but they tell me that some of mine are "too worn", "old labels", "old styles." On to eBay I suppose...

Hope your Tuesdays are terriffic!


Lis said...

Yay for your steals!

And I have had the same problems at Plato's before and now I won't even go in there!! :(

Imjustagirl said...

Platos is the worst! On the inside of your clothes there is a small tag that says the year and the season. they look for that! Also they would rather take target over brand name and don't get me wrong I LOVE target but I basically had to tell them they were crazy to not take Juicy pants and jacket or brand new Lacoste flip flops!! I won't go back!

SouthernBelleJM said...

My Plato's does the SAME thing. I had a cocktail dress from The Limited that had only been worn once and was barely a year old, and it was "too dressy". Psssh, they wouldn't even take my small coach bag which was in near mint condition b/c it was "too dressy" although they love it b/c I always have "nice things" but aren't into buying "dressy" clothes. Seriously, someone would have snatched up those things before buying some ratty old Hollister shirt. I sooooo know how you feel!

c said...

I always hear Plato's ads on the radio, but after reading this post and comments, I'm thinking it may not be worth the trip to check it out!

theluckiestmrs said...

Gosh! That is so annoying about Plato's!!! I brought a couple bags last year, and I roamed around while they picked through my clothes and I promise I saw a Tweety baby-tee in there...but they wouldn't take my coach purse? So lame.

Needs Help said...

I had the same trouble with Plato's closet and several of my dresses they said were too dressy, boo! I've been selling on ebay and having some good luck but its just a lot of effort in my opinion, although worth it.