Cold Essentials

Since I seem to have caught my second cold in the past month (I blame it on my love for children, teaching sunday school and my penchant for babysitting as a way to make some extra cash), I've decided to share some cold essentials with you this morning.

1. Puffs w/ vicks: Like a spa treatment for your nose every time you sneeze. WARNING: the vicks smell is strong so if you aren't a fan, be forewarned. 2. The Neti-Pot: This little gem naturally flushes out your nose. Pour the spout into one side of your nose and let gravity do the rest.3. Fluids: LOTS of water and LOTS of hot tea. Does wonders for me!

Here's to your health!


Anonymous said...

The Puffs with Vicks have come through for me during this last cold season! And I've always wanted to try a neti-pot...but the idea kind of weirds me out! :) I hope you feel better soon!

sweet tea in a pink glass said...

I just got over it too! You don't realize how much your health means until your sick.
Wanted to let you know the light fixture is from Pottery barn.
Have a good weekend.

Marilyn *Pink Martinis and Pearls* said...

Ugh. I've had this for weeks now and it keeps coming back. I just wrote about it a couple days ago and asked for everyone's remedies. I am adding your tissues to the mix. I didn't even know about these. Unfortunately, I could still use them. I sincerely hope you are feeling better! :)

Jackie said...

My husband uses a neti-pot when he is sick, but it grosses me out. I get queasy just thinking about something going in my nose.

EmilyB said...

Is it just me, or when you use the neti-pot, do you feel like you should be doing "Stupid Human Tricks" on David Letterman? It is such a strange feeling, but that thing does help!! I'm a believer.