Starting the weekend a little early...

Hi friends!

Tomorrow is the BF's birthday, so I'm heading to New Smyrna Beach today to his family's beach house. Should be a fun couple of days! He didn't want anything for his birthday of course, leaving me to fend for myself. So I took a little inspiration from my lovely bloggers. (Forgive me, because I read this on someone's blog but can't remember exactly who it was. I think it was Mrs. Mojito but I can't find the post! Please let me know so I can give proper credit) I decided to put together a beer basket with twelve different kinds of beer and include a book with info about the different brews! BF is on spring break so I thought it was the perfect occasion for such a gift (pictures to come)

I'll take some pictures as we are going to one of my favorite restaurants tonight to celebrate and they have a beautiful garden perfect for picture taking!

I loved seeing all you lovelies on Martha! I have it TIVO-ed and I watched the first half and saw Mermaid and Kate from Nautical by Nature. I am eager to watch the rest and see who else I can spot :)

I'll be back tomorrow night--until then girls.



Anonymous said...

Have FUN!!!

Imjustagirl said...

Tomorrow is my hubbys bday too! gotta love the pisces! However, I just realized I don't have anyhting for him. I will be busy today trying to figure something out. I do love the beer basket idea. So cute!!

Kate said...

Preppy Sue was sitting a couple of rows behind us-did you see her? And Preppy Mama was in front of us across the aisle