My Spring Forward Weekend


I'm coming to you finally somewhat rested after a whirlwind weekend. Sister arrived home friday night and after dinner she was pretty pooped from the drive. I went to some friends' house for a little soiree they were having and didn't get home and to bed until WAY passed my bedtime. I got about 5 hours of sleep before I was up and getting ready to head to the beach! Saturday was beautiful but after a long night and a long day in the sun, I was exhausted. Sunday, as many of you know, was baseball day! Our seats were AMAZING, right behind home plate and it could not have been a nicer day, except the Phillies lost (boo). When the game was over, Lukey and I headed home to enjoy some BBQ with mom, dad, and coco! I am also happy to report after a day at the beach and a day at the ballpark, I am sporting the beginnings of tan ;)

Here are some pictures from the weekend--enjoy.
mom and coco @ the beach

Ryan Howard up to bat!

Champion Stadium

These guys were great! They played in between innings.

Me and Lukey!



losing in lulu said...

How much fun!

Lulu said...

great pics!! thanks for sharing!

Milltini said...

sounds like a wonderfully fun weekend!

Her Preppiness said...

Looks like fun!!

Ashley Brooke Designs said...

I love the pictures! sorry for keeping you up past your bedtime!