Let's Talk Tuesday


I hope everyone is having a terrific tuesday! I have the day off today so my Tuesday has been fab. I ran some errands this morning with mumsy and sissy and got a new bathing suit from Target! This picture doesn't do it justice in my opinion, it's really cute and I feel like the pic is strange, but you get the idea (apparently I was jipped because I didn't get a halter strap, mine's just strapless, oh well, I think I like it better anyway)

I also found out today that next week when BFF S comes into town, via her spring break cruise, she gets in at 8am and doesn't have to be back on the boat until 11pm!!! This gives us so much more time than I thought we had. Consequently, I think a little shopping on Park Ave. in WP might be in order after the beach in the morning :)

I loved seeing Melissa on DWTS--she was so good and could def. become a front runner in the weeks ahead! AI is on tonight and I am so glad they made it 13 and took Anoop :)

In other news, I am getting ready to put some J.Crew shorts on Ebay and thought I'd offer them up to my blog readers first. Details: blue and white seersucker; size 2 city fit; in super great shape. Email me if you are interested :)


P.S. Everyone going to the Lilly meet-up tonight--have fun! Can't wait to watch martha tomorrow :)


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Her Preppiness said...

Love the bathing suit!!! I wish I were in New York. Cannot wait to watch Martha tomorrow.

Posh Peach said...

Cute bathing suit!! I also thought Melissa did a great job on Dancing with the Stars.