Superbowl Recap

So. How did everyone like the superbowl? I was rooting for the Cardinals but it was a really good game. Luckily the game was competitive because I found most of the commercials to be a snooze fest. What did y'all think? Am I being overly critical? My favs were the pepsi commercial with Bob Dylan and Will I Am and the bridgestone tire commercial with Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. They doritos commercial with the crystal ball was funny if not cliche for the superbowl, but the really great part about that was, if I've got my facts straight, that 2 guys produced that commercial for 2000.00 and doritos picked it to air at the superbowl--I think some creative departments might be taking notice.

The really sad part about the day after the Superbowl is knowing there is no more football until August--sigh.



AEG said...

Heard those Dorrito guys won $1,000,000 for the ad.

I forgot about Mr. Potato, when she puts on the angry eyes.

The BF was VERY sad last night as football ended...I may have seen a tear. Just saying.