So yesterday I went to one of the places where I applied for a job. One of my professors hooked me up with one of her former students, D, who currently works there and she was sweet enough to show me around and introduce me to all the important players. I met the guy who will be making the decision about the job and left my resume with him. D said I made a good impression and she would keep me posted if she heard anything. I haven't even been asked to interview yet but I feel really good about the visit. I' d be lucky to work there!

Today was the Wheels for Kids bike giveaway--it was so fun seeing the kids get these bikes and what an impact this program has made already. The schools for these kids were previously "F" rated schools but since this program, which has increased attendance, both the elementary and middle school are "A" schools!! We had two news teams come and cover which made very happy and I'm tivo-ing the 5 and 6 o'clock news hoping to capture the clip :)

Here are some pictures of Santa arriving and our media successes!

Merry Christmas Eve Eve! I'll post more pictures of Stella and Christmas cookies and packages later :)


A Belle and her Beau said...

I hope that you get the job!!! Merry Christmas :)