To Whom it May Concern

Dear Florida State Seminoles,
I've been on your side for 21 years. Every Saturday I'm with you. Whether I am in the stands or on my couch, I am faithfully watching, cheering you on. Because your losses tend to depress me and make it difficult for me to start my week off on the right foot, I would greatly appreciate it if you could pull it together. You show such promise, play so hard, yet now for the third time this season we all walk away disappointed. Two games to go. Let's make them count.

With love,


Stephanie said...

oooh We here at Misadventure Manor were routing for them yesterday...even though we are both Big Ten fans.

I like Florida State. I agree...they need to get their stuff together.

amanda said...

Here's to hoping things turn around...

If not, perhaps a bottle, or two of wine might make things appear better??