the lovely Landlocked Mermaid tagged me and ask that I list 7 random things about my day so here it goes....

1. This morning and every morning I take my coffee to go in my black and white monogrammed travel mug
2. I watched the Young & the Restless today in between class and work while eating my lunch
3. I need a new audiobook. I listen to audiobooks religiously because I drive so much and right now i am without--a trip to the library is in my future.
4. I nearly filled my gas tank today on 23.00 worth of gas--what's better than that?
5. After three stressful days this week I am finally accomplishing some things. I spent two hours tonight powering through assignments and contributions to group projects.
6. I officially kicked off my holiday shopping with a couple of small purchases for the bffs.
7. Today marks 32 days until my college graduation! Anyone looking for a young PR professional??



Landlocked Mermaid said...

Hey Sweetie! So glad you played. I loved Secret Life of Bees on Audio. If you can get it, check it out of the library.. Congrats on your upcoming graduation!