Monogram Monday!

I so love the regular installments my favorite bloggers feature so I have decided to start one of my own. From now on, Monday will be Monogram Monday!! I'll feature cute monogrammed finds and maybe a personal story or two regarding my own monogramming adventures at The Primrose Shop!

This Monday's find comes from Etsy and is for a little one in your life (don't even get me started on how badly I want one of these for myself!). How cute is this?? Talk about being all set for a preppy winter :)

This picture is courtesy of eeniemeeniekids.xoxo,


Belle- Pink Cupcake said...

I SAW THIS ONLINE LAST NIGHT! It is sooo cute, I wish they made them in my size!

LuLu said...

These are so female students would LOVE this!

amy (metz) walker said...