Weekend Update

OK, so there is much to update you on. First! Thursday, the louandlee headband came and it is so adorable and fits like a comfy dream :) Check it out:
Friday I became a brunette, see above and my graduation announcements arrived which is tres exciting. So exciting I've addressed almost all of them already, so that in 3 or 4 weeks all I'll have to do is stuff the envelopes and send them out!!

On Saturday, I went to the Farmer's Market with my mom and sister and it was lovely. I bought a beautiful bunch of daisies which are now residing on my desk :) We also got some fresh fruits and veggies, ran into some good friends and enoyed some glorious weather.Saturday evening I headed over to the bf's to hang out, watch some football and do some pumpkin carving!! We combed the pumpkin patch at a local church for the perfect pumpkin and selected what I considered to be a real winner. After dinner we went online and looked up one of those cool patterns, deciding we wanted to be a little more creative than the traditional jack-o-lantern. We settled on a spider and did a pretty good job if I do say so myself :)Don't forget to enter my giveaway--you can enter until Tuesday. I'll probably close it around 10 pm on Tuesday so I can cut up all your comments and draw a winner and get the winner's info on Wednesday. I'm heading to Tallahassee on Thursday night for a fun filled weekend and I want to make sure the winner's luggage tags get mailed before I leave :)



Anonymous said...

Cute headband! I'm currently working on some fun hair accessories that I'll post later. Have fun!

AEG said...

LOVE. And so much more affordable than the ones I see to fall head over heels for at Bergdorfs...

Charlie said...

that pumpkin is sooo good! ahh i wish i had any artistic talent!!!!!