That's Genius!

Not one to ever be in the know with technology, I have to rave for a second on the new iTunes feature, Genius. With this feature, you can pick a song from your library, click on the little genius button that looks like atoms or some other scientific nucleus type thing (can you tell I'm a communications major?) and presto! a playlist of 25 songs similar to the one you chose for your listening pleasure. Bonus, if you like the playlist genius creates you can save it to your iTunes. It's seriously the coolest thing-check it out!



Lulu said...

I'm SO happy you posted this! I need to start making a playlist for our wedding reception, but thought I'd have one heck of a time trying to find lots of songs with the same vibe... Problem solved! You're my wedding music angel! haha

Muffy said...

That's NEAT!!!!!