everybody's workin' for the weekend

Hello lovelies! How was everyone's weekend? Mine was great! Spent all day Saturday with the bf hanging out and watching football. A perfect way to spend a Saturday if you ask me. We got tacos for lunch at this amazing hole in the wall/ roadside stand type establishment. Best tacos ever! I needed gas on the way back and we stopped at three, yes three, gas stations on the way home. Apparently an afternoon storm had thrown some of the debit/credit satellites off line ( I still don't understand this). But the third time was the charm. Then it was back home for some football watching- TX and OU & UGA and Tenn. For dinner we made a SUPER easy spicy shrimp pasta (only it wasn't very spicy at all). And finished off the evening watching UF v. LSU ( dang those gators!).

Sunday was great- came home after church and did some school work, met with my group for ad/pr campaign 2, and enjoyed desperate and brothers and sisters ( so glad justin didn't drink!)

Hope everyone's Monday is going well--stay tuned for information on my very first giveaway!!



Muffy said...

YUMMM! Spicy shrimp! DELISH!!!