Nothing beats a cup of Morning Joe

OK, so I know many of you are already Morning Joe watchers, but bear with me. I have been a loyal Today Show watcher for years. For no other reason than that's what mom and dad had on in the mornings growing up and it became a habit and who really likes change? But recently since I generally am up before 7 (ew.), I turn on MSNBC and watch a little Morning Joe with Joe Scarborough and company. And I am so in love with my new friends over there. They share my political philosophies and speak candidly about the reality of politics and the country even if doesn't always paint their party in the best light. And Joe is from north Florida, just like me!! So if you are looking for some current events in the morning give Morning Joe a try, I don't think you'll be sorry. ( And it's OK if you still switch over to the Today show occasionally for a looksie at Matt Lauer- I mean who could blame a girl?)



AEG said...

I am totally 100% completaly OBSESSED with Morning Joe. They have the best guests, and its FUNNY too. Not to mention Joe is a good old Southern Boy, and former congressman from my home state of Florida....Aleg he has an apt in the city on the Upper West Side, my goal is to see him on the street....or Willy....or Mikah....God I love Morning Joe! So glad you are now a watcher.

Modern Maven said...

LOVED that you mentioned Morning Joe! I TOO love the Today show. However, my 5:30 A.M. wake-up call and 6:30 out-the-door time does not allow me the opportunity to view Today. Step-in...Morning Joe! He and his morning crew ARE great...JUST like you posted! GREAT EARLY morning show pick!

Capegirl said...

Love morning Joe-probably because they don't always take themselves so seriously. Who needs preaching at that time of the morning.

They also misbehave making them more loveable.