Job Hunt: Phase 1

So today I embark on my very first steps in the impending job hunt (graduation is less than 7 weeks away!). I'm attending an intern fair tonight, not looking to be an intern mind you but in the hopes my skills and charms will appeal so much to these employers, they will think to themselves: "I must hire her." In reality I accept tonight for what it is--networking. I will circulate my resume and hope that I can make some connections that could eventually lead somewhere. But I still dream of that lock eyes moment where someone will uncover my potential and hire me on the spot. We shall see.



AEG said...

Impending matriculation, that was my least favorite part of college. Every other milestone in your life someone is standing there telling you what you are going to do next. Those weeks before graduation were so frustrating for me.
And forget about every single job requiring 5+ years experience, why isn't that a gen ed class since it seems to be a requirement for employment?!? I don't need to know about geology, I need a JOB!
Best of luck to you in the hunt. Let me know if I can help you in any way. If only moral support, because I was JUST there-I can sympathize.
GO Knights :D

Alyson said...

Good luck!! You're very charming and those employers will see you and just know that you're amazing. So don't worry about it and go get em! :-)