Weekend Warrior

Hello Friends!

I went away for the weekend and feel like I've been away from the blog world for too long! I'm catching up on all your posts and trying to get into the swing of things this week.

My weekend getaway began with catching a heinous cold. Yup! I struggled through the weekend's activities in a fog of congestion and Mucinex D. But I was a trooper and we had fun none the less. The bf came along with me and the parents to visit sissy @ FSU. We hung out, ate WAY too much food and enjoyed the Noles' victory over the Hokies :) Here's a nice family pic from the weekend:

I hope you all had lovely weekends and I'll be checking in soon with more musings and halloween fun :)


P.S. Phillies are one game away--tonight could be the night :) Go Phillies!


melissa said...

I was up at FSU this past weekend also, visiting my oldest son. Fun time!
Great family photo :)


CBK said...

Aw your family is beautiful, who is that hottie in the center?

OH! haha