I've been ma'am-ed

Today at work I was ma'am-ed. Now being raised in the south, I find manners and ma'ams and sirs very important. It has been drilled into me since I could speak. But seeing as how the girl who ma'am-ed me was all of 20- I mean for goodness sake we are peers- and how half the time people come into the store and ask "do you go to (insert local high school here)?" I would just like to ask the public if we could strike a happy medium between " i saw you cheering friday night" and "do you want to play bridge sometime?"

Thanks ever so much!

PS>>My late grandfather was a life long Phillies fan and seeing the Phillies in the playoffs warms my heart and brings back fond memories of my pawpaw who would be so excited to see his team right in the thick of things. They lead the series 2-0, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed they go all the way :) gooooo phillies!


AEG said...

Flip Side: Everyone I say it to in NYC, people legitly older than me i.e. 50 y/o sales womean at Bloomingdales, give you the strangest look and/or laugh....Be thankful you have an abundence of maners around you than lack of :)

Anonymous said...

I've never liked that word for some reason. It just sounds so 'stuffy'. lol :)

A Belle and her Beau said...

that is so funny bc I just posted about someone calling me ma'am on Friday!!! I am not quite ready for that :)