Just Another Manic Monday...

OK so I find myself let down whenever my favorite bloggers neglect to post for days on end so I apologize to those of you who read my blog as I have been MIA since last Sunday!

So after a weekend jaunt to Tally which was marked by a visit with sis and an unfortunate experience at Doak S. Campbell Stadium, I'm back. With the exception of the football disaster (thanks to my gator friend Lauren for her sympathy this morning, as most gator friends mock me-lol) the weekend was great-a little shopping in Tally, a drive to GA for the cousins' football game and some quality family time.

I'm so excited for the return of many fabulous shows this week. Gossip Girl, though its already started back is on tonight and is quite honestly my television heroin, although I do not like or really understand the whole Serena/Dan breakup. Dancing with Stars begins tonight, which I embarassingly admit to loving. Thursday Grey's is back for TWO hours! And the piece de resistance, Brothers and Sisters and Desperate are back Sunday!! B & S is one of my absolute favs and I'm so excited for the Rebecca and Justin pay-off we've been waiting for.

So I know most of you are pros at this but as someone new to the etsy phenomenon, I am officially addicted. Look at the three cute shops I came across this evening!

Lou and Lee
: I love these precious flower inspired headbands that come in kid and adult sizes

The Pebble Collection: Super affordable pretty jewelry, very simple. I want every single cocktail ring!!

Charlie and Sarah: Adorable preppy appliques- I want this whale hoodie and whale tee so badlyyyy

talk soon.