Fall Preparations

Autumn is in the air friends! I'm looking for a few things to complete my transition into fall.

1. Harvest scented candle from Yankee Candle
2. A cinnamon broom
3. Extra time for baking yummy fall goodies
4. Long cardigans in every color
5. A fabulous pair of ankle boots

I'll let you know how my quest for these essentials goes ;)

Is anyone else freaking out about the economy?? Most of the time I find the media to be alarmists in nature but even I'm worried now. And as someone graduating from college in less than three months, I'm terrified there will be no jobs to be had! Luckily I'm still gainfully employed by The Primrose Shop and at least I know my future there is bright :)

Yesterday mumsy bought the Sex and the City DVD! I can't wait to see it again--it's like watching your favorite tv show for over 2 hours. (Which I will be doing tonight when I watch the Greys premiereeee)

Happy Thursday!