DIY: Gold treat jar

So we have dived into the world of pull-ups and m&ms over here...that's right, potty-training. #holdme

Also, do not be impressed by this. I don't want to do it. It's hard and it's sad and everything Sadie does these days makes me certain that training bras are around the corner. BUT, she is interested in the bathroom and likes telling us exactly when she goes and what she's done, so common sense would tell me this is our next right step. (Also can anyone chime in on whether or not to get the little kid potty vs using the adult version?)

So yesterday when I ventured to Target to buy said pull-ups and m&ms, I thought to myself, I will also buy a cute jar to put the m&ms in. Then as I tidied up the kitchen before heading out I realized we had an empty pickle jar and I thought, I can make a jar! And if you are (blessedly) not potty training, you can use this for candy, dog treats, etc. Happy DIY-ing.

Glue a ping pong ball or any fun item on top of the jar and remove the label from the jar (mr. clean magic eraser, works wonders!)

Spray paint the lid, what else? GOLD.

Add your special touch to the jar using an oil based paint pen.