Friday Favorite: Tazo Refresh Mint Tea

So if asked coffee or tea, I am fervently a coffee girl. Have. To. Have. It. However, at night or when I'm sick I love hot tea and I've been trying to drink more of it as an alternative to the 2, 3, 4 cups of coffee I should not be having.

This mint tea from Tazo is SO yummy, it's refreshing with a touch of sweetness and I don't have to add anything to it to totally enjoy it. I think the biggest endorsement is the fact that my husband likes it. My husband, who has for 12 years, told me he doesn't like tea because it tastes like leaves. He loves this tea--he says it's like drinking icy hot because it kind of clears your nasal passages. I'm not sure "drinking icy hot" is a strong selling point but the man who hates tea, likes this one.

Go get some.

(Psst....also get this ABD travel mug that is making my life these days)