What I'm Loving: Podcasts

Last year when I started running, I would listen to Andy Stanley's podcasts while I ran. He's a pastor in Atlanta and I loved listening in on his sermons. Shortly thereafter I became obsessed (like everyone else) with Serial--seriously, Luke and I listened to it over the holidays and while it wasn't exactly a heartwarming Christmas tale, we couldn't get enough.

Serial was my gateway podcast. After it was over I had serious podcast withdraw so I started looking around for other ones to listen to. I'm now a huge podcast nerd and listen when I run, when I'm in the car, and when I'm working on things at my desk. Here are a few favorites--tell me what you're listening to!!

Hopeologie: This is a new one for me and I love it. It's done by Myquillyn Smith (the Nester), her sister Emily Freeman (chatting at the sky), and their dad. It's like you're sitting with them at the kitchen table and I kind of love that. The first episode I listened to was "The Day I Realized I Had a Job," which is great if you stay home, are a creative entrepreneur or your "job" isn't exactly traditional.

Undisclosed: More Serial fodder for the Adnan-obsessed. This is a very legalistic perspective on the case, including on-going updates on appeals, etc.  (**I"d listen to Serial first if you haven't.)

Stuff You Missed in History Class: This is probably the podcast I listen to most. I love history and this is chock full of interesting and quirky bits of history you probably have never heard of.

The Influence Podcast: This podcast is a great place to get encouragement and wisdom from other women! Part of The influence Network it features dynamic speakers and authors giving insight into their daily lives, businesses, and spiritual growth. 

Criminal: This is a great podcast that helped me get over the Serial hangover--true crime of all kinds in stand alone podcasts (unlike Serial which is a narrative).



Liz | Ellie and Addie said...

Ok that is a great list! We loved listening to Serial last year on a road trip, I definitely want to check out Undisclosed and Criminal now! I love the Influence Podcast and another favorite of mine is the Lively Show by Jess Lively!