Five Friday Happenings...

The Five on Friday gals are taking a break but here are five Friday happenings around here.

1. Bachelorette, no not Andi and Josh, Laura and Phil! My SIL is headed for the altar come October and this weekend we are celebrating her last days as a single lady. I'm ready for a fun beach weekend with some of my favorite girls! My nails are painted hot pink and glitter, so clearly the important elements are in place.

2. Sadie B's 1st birthday plans are in full swing. Auntie A is hard at work on some fabulous invitations and I've made about 5 different to-do lists. I'm trying to not to get carried away but she's only 1 once right?! And getting carried away is kind of my specialty...Follow Sadie's Birthday board on Pinterest.

3. POUCHES. I held off on these because I wasn't sure Sadie was ready for them but HELLO, she loves them and so do I. So easy and convenient. Can't get enough. 

4. Football season is a month away! I can't wait.  Download this printable I designed and keep track of your team's schedule. If you are photoshop saavy, you should be able to pull this pdf into PS and have a little fun with your team colors :)

5.  Last week I was looking for a punchy new lip color for date night and I remembered my BFF ABD posted about a certain lipstick on her blog. I snatched up the same kind in a color of my own--Cherry on Top. I love it--so easy to wear and a great color. Perfect for date night, don't you think?!