Sadie's Favorite Things: Pink!

If there's one guarantee about having a daughter it is lots and lots of pink....and I'm loving every second of it!

For our second installment of SFT, here's some of the PINK gems now residing in Sadie Blair's closet.

My sweet Texas friend Stefanie sent this Flamingo Dress (and matching cardigan) form Janie and Jack and I couldn't love it more if I tried. Flamingos are perfect for my little Florida girl!

How sweet are these larger than life accessories? (Yes, that flower is going on my infant child's head.) My mom works at an adorable boutique and the poor grandma to-be suffered through 20 weeks of waiting and staring at adorable baby gifts before she knew whether to buy bows or bow ties. She came prepared with both to Sadie's gender reveal and when the balloons flew, she presented me with these.  Adorable, right?!

Sadie's great-grandmother (Nana the Great!) knitted this just for her and it about makes me cry every time I look at it. It came with the sweetest note, that I can't wait to hang in her nursery.



Muffy said...

SO adorable!!!! Can't wait to meet Sadie Blair! I wonder if she and Baby M will be an item? ;)

HAC said...

The Primrose shop is the cutest! Those flats in their cover photo, I just about died! Wish they had an online shop! Does your mom ship?!

Betsy | Heavens to Betsy said...

HAC: Call 407-447-4621 and let them know what you're interested in purchasing. Some items they can ship :) xo