Sadie's Favorite Things: Little Presidents

I knew as soon as we found out we were expecting a girl, all bets would be off in the shopping department! I've tried not to go too far off the deep end but sometimes I can't help myself.  We've also had the good fortune of receiving some gorgeous things for Miss Sadie Blair from friends and family along the way.

I thought I'd try to do a weekly post of some of "Sadie's" favorite things or rather, my favorites that we've gotten for her or received from others. Which brings me to Fancy Ashley from Little Presidents.  I started following Ashley on instagram and found we have a mutual adoration for dachshunds, sparkly things and generally being fancy. Ashley has a business called Little Presidents and makes adorable children's clothing and accessories.

So needless to say when this snappy little bundle showed up on my doorstep I squealed with delight!

How cute is the embossed tag with the glittery pregnant lady?!

Each item was cuter than the next and I loved the way everything was stacked and packaged.

I can't wait for Sadie to arrive and use her fancy new LP goodies. Have you checked out Little Presidents? Make sure you pop over and see about picking something up for the Little President in your life! 



the tichenor family said...

Everything is SO precious and I just adore her name!! Sadie is one of my all time favorites and of course you know how I love Blair(e)! Darling things for a darling girl. And, I love your idea of a weekly post on Sadie's Faves... I may need to borrow that :)

Bianca Andrea said...

I love it all!