Beach Essentials

We live at the beach and now that Summer is (unofficially) here, it's time to talk beach essentials! I try not to drag TOO much to the beach, but there are some necessities I can't do without.

I love, love, love my Two Sisters drink holder! I love the beach but I don't know anyone who loves sand and this keeps your drink, sand-free!  {PS: use the code betsy at checkout for 15% off the site}

My new Shop Crystal Faye koozie is ADORABLE! And it keeps my soda water nice and COOL.

I would have been a lobster this past weekend if not for my Marley Lilly sun hat (and Lilly cover-up). It keeps the sun off my face and I must admit, I feel a bit like a glamazon in it.

And lastly, what's a beach day be without a few beach reads?! I love bringing the latest issue of my favorite magazines and right now I'm enjoying Lauren Graham's book Someday, Someday Maybe



CBK said...

If only my huge head fit in that hat

Pink and Fabulous said...

Great necessities! Love beach weather!


Unknown said...

I love this article and I can not wait to go to the beach with my family this summer. My family and I always go to the Outer Banks in South Carolina. Although some refreshing beverages is always a must at the beach, I personally think the most important thing is the sunscreen because the sun can cause skin damage. I have been using Natural Sunscreen for my skin and my babies because it does not contain harmful chemicals and can be applied to any part of the body. Well I hope you have a great vacation at the beach!